Prose super pro Evany, author of and known couple’s sleeping position speculator for the pajama set, evidently hates the crunchy and recursively affirmation-affirming Cafe Gratitude.

There is this awful hippie restaurant here in the bay area called Cafe Gratitude, where every last raw, vegan item on the menu has an unforgivably self-affirming name, like “I Am Fulfilled” and “I Am Dazzling.” And when you order these dishes, you’re not allowed to just say, “I’ll have the kale.” They actually make you say it: “I’ll have the ‘I am Giving.’” And then the waiter turns it back on you, affirming that indeed “You ARE giving!” “You ARE dazzling!” Horrible, horrible.
Cafe Platitude

Evany, I’m just a weekend hippie, but the ethos is a) do hate hating and love loving, b) don’t hate loving or love hating. Can’t we all just get along?