I’m a few years late to this revelation, but lest it not be said: TalkingPointsMemo.com is among the most astute left-leaning national politics blogs I’ve read, routinely exceeding my highest expectations. 

Each day before bed I anticipate the invariable delight to my smoldering cynicism of The Day in 100 Seconds, a Stewart-Colbertian mashed-up drubbing of the day’s hot topics told through shrill banality of network television.

But today was an especially solid TPM moment. I ran across a TPM post titled The Top Dozen Insights of Conservatives, 2008, a quick read of well-known right-leaning writers’ pithy insights with respect to the state of conservative politics. Like the best of The Economist, the TPM editor ferrets out quotes of exceptional crispness, profundity and self-deprecation, reminding me that failure is tragically far more instructive than success.

Good work TPM. I’m a committed reader. Keep it up.