Nivi over at Venture Hacks as a good post about VC Wear, purveyor of tshirts for venture capitalists.

Here are a few that come to mind. If they don’t make sense to you, consider yourself lucky.

  • MP3 is the new MP3.
  • My IPO is bigger than your IPO.
  • Mo’ money, mo’ board seats.
  • I <3 my LLPs.
  • 409a a-okay!
  • Class of ’83b
  • Vested
  • Ian Rogers banged my executive assistant.
  • Benjamin Graham ate my balls!
  • Some of my best friends are EIRs.
  • Venture debt is a non-starter.
  • Strategics are hard to work with.
  • Entrepreneurs have a de facto veto on CEO candidates.

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